construction of our trailers

The trailer's walls and roof are made of sandwich panels made of laminate with various cores depending on the purpose of the trailer. Such walls are characterized by very good thermal and strength properties. The profiles connecting the walls and the roof with an innovative construction are made of anodized aluminum and glued with a special glue.

The laminate panels are characterized by low weight at the level of 5-6 kg / m2 (the weight of the sandwich panel from sheet metal about 10 kg / m2). When joining the panels, aluminum profiles are used that serve as the framework of the structure. Thanks to this solution, we can achieve a very low trailer weight (30-40% lower than trailers with bodywork made of sheet metal plates - depending on the equipment)


We build chassis on AL-KO or KNOTT subassemblies. The great advantage of our trailers are welded frames from closed profiles in the form of a  truss pattern they have incomparable strength comparet with welded chassis made from C profiles.

As the only company in Poland, we can offer plates with aluminum core in the form of honeycomb. The weight of one square meter of 20 mm wall is 4 kg and the strength is equal to 7x thicker walls. These types of walls are used in specialist and expedition vehicles.

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